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Our Services Offerings:

We help our clients optimize productivity by offering wide range of services throughout the customer lifecycle, which Include:

· Fabrication Works

· Rehabilitation

· Construction


Manpower Services

With a diverse array of resources, we can tap into our talent pools to ensure client proximity, deep market and domain expertise, and superior communication; called our ‘right-shore’ delivery model. We leverage this model to serve organizations in the Oil & Gas, Constrcution and Energy verticals.


Our B2B e-commerce platform also couples as a leverage for companies to publish their products for sale as well as facilitate the sale of products from Waritigi Africa Limited. The website has several integrated functions that allow buyers to search a range of products, add to cart and check-out via a highly secured payment system which include
·Payment systems such as VISA/MASTERCARD, Mobile Money Services, direct bank transactions and the ability to trade with Bitcoin.
·Invauc which means inventory auctions where suppliers and companies can display their defunct materials for expedited sales.

·The product page on the website informs our clients and visitors about available inventories and their sub categories to aid purchasing decisions. On this page the clients have the options of using our integrated “Quotation Request Form” or Contact us directly for any enquiries.



Identifying the right logistics option, long lead times and cost are the major stumbling blocks in the supply chain

At Waritigi, We don’t just deliver goods safely and on time, but also offer customized service to our clients in terms of packages and pricing, communicate clearly the expected delivery date, provide sufficient tracking information, and detail be it

Ocean freight

Air Cargo

Road Transport

We have a fleet of vehicles that are strong and efficient with a 24-hours break-down recovery. Our drivers are well trained and disciplined to deliver goods and services safely and on time. Our total fleet consist of 10 articular and flat-trailor vehiclesHowever we have the capacity to mobilize more than 20 vehicles at a go. Our Service At Waritigi, we believe that great relationships create great service. That is why we put much time in understanding your business requirements to choose the right logistics service for youWe are also known for our competitive tariffs/ prices and reliable services. Our Clients Some of our current and past clients we have rendered services and built understanding business relationships include Antrak Ghana, GRO Oilfields Alliance, Steehold Ghana Ltd, VRA Themal Plant Takoradi, Ghana Gas Company Ltd, Stella Logistics etc

The magnanimity and affordability of our logistics service is noteworthy and unique

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