About us

Waritigi Africa Limited Is A Company That Engages In The Retail And Supply Of Engineering Products To Its Various Clients. Aptly Put, We Supply Products Such As

Seamless Steel Pipe & Fittings, Fluid Control, Steel Sections, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Tools, Bolts And Nuts, Vales, Elbows, Angle Bars, Galvanized Gratings, Gate Valves, Coupling, Mild Steel Union, Marine Ropes, Polypropylene, Equal Tees, Welded Neck Flange, Slip On Flange, Shackle, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, ANSI ASME, ASTM, ISO 9001, EN1024.31 Certified For Oil And Gas and Building materials, Manufacturing Steel tubes and sheets Iron Rods (Rebar Deformed Rod), Wire Mesh, bolt and nuts, valves, elbows, flanges, unions, tools, gasket, angle bar, square pipes, galvanised gratings etc.

Our company is on the pedestal to become the hub of trade among domestic businesses in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Manufacturing and Construction industry.

Vision & mission

To become the central point of sourcing for engineering inventories crucial to the engineering supply sub industry through the use of technology, effective and efficient partnerships.
Providing such services in the Engineering supply sub industry that result in effective sourcing, low cost materials and on-time deliveries through technology, lasting partnerships and effective traditional tactics.


Our core values are anchored and perfect. They are premised on Reliability, Agility, Preference, integrity, ethics, and Speed, Respect for all individuals, social and environmental responsibility.

These values are the bedrock of Waritigi Africa Limited to which each of us pitch into. They reinforce our unity and coherence and ensure the reality of our strategy of profitable growth.

These are our core values:
·Integrity – Innovation and sustaining our credibility has been one of our priorities.
·Reliability – We believe in performing consistently well and establishing a trustworthy relationship with our partners and clients.
·Agility – We practice flexibility and responsiveness in our service delivery.
·Preference – Our satisfied customers are hooked on to us. We choose to be client focused.
·Speed – Expectations breeds accuracy and veracity.

Ethics and compliance

This reputation comes from the continuous application of the strong core values of  Waritigi Africa Limited (WAL) shared by all employees and to which each of us within the WAL subscribes. Our core values reinforce unity and cohesion and help promotea strategy of profitable growth.
in conformity with the requirements of our profession, the Code of Ethics describes values, principles and rules applicable to all within WAL upon which it has built its growth and relationships based on trust with clients, commercial partners and employees.

Meanwhile, our customers look to WAL to be exemplary in its integrity in the performance of its services. It is clear that customers place a high value on integrity, impartiality and independence which are at the forefront of the daily concerns of all WAL employees. Indeed, today, the reputation of the integrity of the services of WAL has become one of its major selling points of which every WAL employee should be proud.

It is therefore vital that every WAL employee acts in compliance with the Code of Ethics and actively applies and defends its values, principles and rules. We are all responsible for making compliance a vital part of our business process and future success, in order to preserve and enhance the reputation of Waritigi Africa Limited as a socially responsible company.


WAL currently has a vibrant work force about 12 employees. However we intend to employ about 50 personnel including administrative and messengers within the first 3 years.
Management consists of about 4 including CEO, CFO, COO and CMO who are vigorously helping to achieve our stated organisational goals. We would outsource other services.

Our staffs have all the relevant skills of business operations including marketing, strategic management, financial, etc.
Each and every one of us have either business oriented experience, vehicle driving skills or University degree or both. Our ICT skills are incredible and in indeed facilitate our operations.

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